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Updated: Mar 10, 2021

When I first saw her gleaming presence thru my iPhone screen at 5am, it was love at first sight.

Hi! I’m Amanda and I am the proud owner of a 1964 #Shasta #Camper. With (almost) all of her original parts already facelifted by the prior owners, she’s a real beauty. And let me tell you, this camper had one heck of a life so far!

Born in PA per the little plate I found next to the door, I imagine she started out as a family camper and saw many starry nights. Then there was a little hiccup in her history. See, she got herself into a little trouble. I can't get into the details because it isn't very PG... We all go thru a rough patch, right? Right... Later it was rescued by a really wonderful person who uplifted the camper and made it bright again.

So back to the top, when I said I fell in love:

It was a late night of market research and business planning. I knew I wanted to convert a camper or horse trailer into a party experience but finding the right one was proving difficult. I came to terms with the fact we’d either need to go upstate, build from scratch, or find something in some other state. The reality of that actually happening with full time jobs was very slim. But I have a dream I don’t want to regret never taking action on so I need to find a camper.

Craigslist messages, Facebook hunting, and endless research only got me more excited but I still haven’t rescued my babe...

...When I first saw her gleaming presence thru my iPhone screen at 5am, it was love at first sight. I couldn’t believe it. Babylon. 20 minutes from me. How have I been missing it?!?! I literally thought I was still dreaming.

So like I do every weekend morning, I woke my husband up in excitement. (By the way, I’ve made him a morning person). I waited three hours until the somewhat appropriate time to message someone on Facebook. I didn’t even have to wait longer than a few minutes for a response ❤️ and within what felt like a few seconds of virtual conversation, we put on our jackets and shoes and were out the door to meet up.

In that small amount of time meeting with the current owner, we realized there is an entire AMAZING community on Long Island we never realized existed: #Mobile Business Owners.

I compare it to how I feel when I visit Colorado. A community of honest compassion and passion for a common cause: bringing the community together in positivity.

We are beyond excited to join this group of awesome people and can’t wait to journey thru this experience with everyone who wants to join too!

- Amanda



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