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Why do we love SPRINKLES?

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

In December, I posted on my personal Facebook page a photo from my 30th Winter Wonderland Outdoor Birthday Bash. We added a blurb welcoming people to come over and take last minute holiday photos with our camper— It was all dressed up with lights and mistletoe. We couldn't believe the responses and love we received from the community! The word spread far past our personal Facebook pages and we were off to the races..

What started as a "let's just see what happens" turned into a moment of humble realization that we need to set the tone right for our first customers and show them what we're about!

Suddenly, the name of the event morphed into "Photos with Shasta" and we were on our way scheduling, figuring out logistics, and creating a company name, logo, and Social Media account for our venture. This all happened within 1 week (three weeks after our purchase of the camper!!)

To set the scene for those who didn’t join this year, we were serving hot cocoa with rainbow sprinkle rimmed cups (TUTORIAL HERE!) We had a help-yourself toppings bar which consisted of Kloe Kardashian stacked oreos, marshmallows, butterscotch, chocolate, and white chocolate chips and of course whipped cream and candy canes. We had tree stumps as seats around the open fire for s’mores. The main attraction was the inside of the camper, where we had fresh chocolate chip cookies on weekend two and other props for pictures. It was our mission to create genuine moments of expression and capture it on camera.

Hidden in a camper-styled salt shaker were rainbow colored sprinkles.

Every time I asked if anyone wanted sprinkles, their eyes lit up. It was the most bizarre thing. I handed them this camper-styled salt shaker and they were laughing, pouring sprinkles everywhere. 💡Tip: this salt shaker yielded a slow pour: Limited cleanup and easier to get on camera!

Are sprinkles a kid‘s first love?!

  1. The next day I was hanging with my 4 year old nephew making a gingerbread house. It came with about 5 different candies PLUS sprinkles. When he saw the sprinkles he only wanted to decorate with them and poured it to make the roof, and asked for more. He said, “I just reaaaalllly love sprinkles, Aunt Amanda” I immediately ask WHY? “Because they’re sprinkles! I just love them”

  2. I reflected back to my childhood days and getting soft serve ice cream to celebrate when I’d (rarely) score a goal in soccer. I always ordered rainbow sprinkles and asked for as much as they could give. WHY? I haven’t a clue.

  3. And as I write this, I realize just two years ago we used rainbow sprinkles in vases as our centerpieces for our engagement party!

If you or a loved one loves sprinkles, it isn’t too late to make sprinkle rimmed cups for your next party. And please please please tell me why you love sprinkles so much. I’m really trying to figure this out!

@NYMobileBar is already planning for next year’s Photos with Shasta experience and yes, we will have

sprinkles and SO MUCH MORE!!! We will be starting in October 2020 for a bit more warmth and will start pre-booking in September.


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